The studio building is a 5000 sq foot two story building designed as a photography studio. The front section of the building is a two story office complex with a full kitchen and three office spaces on the first floor and three offices and a large conference area on the second. There is a full bath on the second floor and half bath on the first floor. This represents 1/3 of the foot print of the building. This section has a 4 foot high crawl space underneath.

The rest of the building is a 2 story 40×40 foot room with a 16 foot ceiling with a wrap around deck (catwalk) on the second floor and storage underneath designed as the photography studio; currently with a cyc wall. The studio floor is poured concrete. This space could be ideal for small manufacturing, auto repair or anything else requiring some large open floor space.

View floor plans (pdf) here.


The walls of the entire structure are 2×8 with fiberglas batt insulation. The attic, which is a huge trussed space has been foamed to dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs. Prior to foaming, the attic could easily reach 120-130 degrees in summer.


The building has 2 separate hot air heating systems. One in a utility room on the second floor of the office heats the office section. A second furnace in the attic above the studio heats it.

Hot water is provided by solar hot water and a backup instantaneous propane water heater. There is a 500 gallon underground propane tank.